4CI's security approach is based on utilizing our exclusive risk methodology, globally known as TVRA. This methodology enables us to identify the relevant threats, evaluate the security needs (gap analysis), assess the risk, develop the required security concept solution (RSCS), and manage the entire system implementation

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4CI’s Integrated Security Capabilities

4CI’s unique diversified security capabilities include developing holistic security solutions that incorporate every security domain into an integrated security command center synchronized with all security functions.

4CI’s international collaboration with global leaders in diversified consultancy services enlarges our flexibility, quickens decision-making, and increases accessibility to complex projects.

4CI’s Holistic Security solution

  • CONOPS (concept of security operations)

  • CONTECH (concept of security technology and systems)

  • CONCYS (concept of communication and cyber security)

  • Secure HR (the concept of HR security dealing with “threats from with-in”)

  • SOPs (security operational procedures)

  • Training (comprehensive security training program)


TVRA is a Security Evaluation Process

The 4CI team employs RAM (Risk Assessment Methodology), globally known as TVRA (Threat identification, Vulnerability evaluation, and Risk Assessment).

TVRA is used as a generic security concept that can associate any given asset (i.e., sensitive plant or critical infrastructures, airports, seaports, national emergency response centers, etc.) to define the following:

  • Security requirements and security needs
  • Threats to business / critical assets
  • Effectiveness of current existing countermeasures
  • Vulnerabilities of critical assets
  • Impact and consequences of such threats
  • Evaluation of current and foreseen risks
  • Business processes in routines and emergencies
  • Appropriate security concept solutions
  • Business objectives, business criticalities, and business operation constraints

TVRA Provides an Effective Management Support Tool

Its integrated Matrix Evaluation Practice enables grading and quantifying each of the above elements, allowing the matrix to present “verbally assessed information” as measurable factors

These measurable factors enable quantification and risk level grading for each asset, operational process, and critical infrastructure included in the protected facility

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Components of the Risk Assessment Process

The TVRA process involves seven independent sequential components that contribute to the evaluated findings and measurable factors as a part of the overall integrated development of the risk assessment


These seven independent topics are processed in a continuous work-flow and include the following phases:

PHASE 1 Information gathering
PHASE 2 Criticality assessment
PHASE 3 Threat assessment
PHASE 4 Protective Measures Indicators (PMI) evaluation and Gap analysis
PHASE 5 Vulnerability evaluation
PHASE 6 Consequences and impacts
PHASE 7 Risk Level

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