4CI is certified by the Israeli National Mine Action Authority and has unique capabilities in providing Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) for project management in Mine and EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) actions

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Unique Concept:

A Supervised Division on Demining

With its ISO (9001, 14001, 18001) certifications, 4CI is a pioneer in mine action, developing the clearance methodology for mine action in Israel. Since 2011, 4CI has been chosen by IMNAA to manage Israeli mine clearance projects totaling a land area of 2,500,000 M2

Having a supervised demining division is unique and implemented only in Israel. It brings an additional safety measure on-site, aiming to achieve better and more accurate results in mine clearance. In order to accomplish this, 4CI is taking action on-site


Advantages of Supervised Division On-Site

  • Full cooperation between supervision and clearance division throughout the entire working day

  • Ensure all safety measures are kept and in place, e.g., fences, signs, pave ways, etc.

  • On-going inspection of the clearance area to make sure the removal is made at proper ground depth

  • Ensure the rescue team and paramedic are on-site and ready at any time in case of emergency

  • Maintain regulation working and resting hours on-site

  • Protect surrounding environment from possible machinery damage

  • Conduct sampling inspection based on IMAS standards to ensure complete mine and EOD removal

  • Document clearance stages using technological devices such as drones and GIS


Managment in mine & EOD action include

  • Project management
  • Mine action
  • Unexploded ordinance
  • Site investigation
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Quality Control (QC)
  • Training
  • GIS site reporting
  • Machine Testing, Commissioning & Accreditation
  • Mine Action Procurement

4CI's Mine Clearance Track Record

  • 2012

    Neot Hakikar

  • 2013 - 2014


  • 2014

    Ein Yahav 1st project

  • 2014

    Ashalim – UXO removal

  • 2015


  • 2015

    Nabi Elias

  • 2015

    Ein Yahav 2nd project

  • 2016

    Um Daraj

  • 2017

    The Golan Heights Project

  • 2019

    Qasr al-Yahud

  • 2020

    Israel Jordan Valley

  • 2021

    Israel Golan Heights

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