4CI’s in-house technology engineering enables the integration of all technologies and applications into ONE Holistic Security System (OHSS©)

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4CI Technology

Engineering Process

4CI’s engineering approach to providing technology solutions for security projects includes seven systematic stages detailed in the Project Scope of Work:

  • 1. Risk assessment

  • 2. Drafting the security program

  • 3. Planning field deployment of necessary systems

  • 4. Specifications, bills of quantity, estimate statements evaluation of contractors’ bids and presentation of our recommendations

  • 5. Supervision and support for technical and physical installations

  • 6. Technical and physical systems acceptance testing

  • 7. Systems implementation and integration of operational doctrines and ongoing management


Security Technology Engineering Includes

  • Technology concept design
  • Technology and equipment evaluation
  • Engineering planning of Unified Security Solution
  • Budget evaluation
  • Technology allocation and selection
  • System blueprint drawing
  • Implementation of the Unified Security System
  • Preliminary design review / Critical design review
  • Bid selection
  • Owner representative
  • Project supervision
  • Project installation

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