4CI is recognized as one of the most prominent security consulting businesses. Our experience, professionalism and dedication to customer service are evident in the numerous multi-year projects awarded to the firm

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4CI Ltd. Performs Leading Security Solutions Worldwide

4CI Advanced Security Methods Ltd. (4CI) is a privately-owned Israeli consultancy company formed in 2003 by a group of former senior managers in the ISA (Israeli Security Agency), IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the Israeli High-Tech inventive industry. We are continuously and aggressively meeting the new challenges of 21st-century security

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4CI Globally-Proven Performance

Our multilayered approach integrates human resources, advanced technologies, operational procedures and dedicated training into one harmonized, cost-effective security and safety system

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4CI Ltd.

Management Team

Our management and team members have proven domestic and international expertise. Their skills include designing, planning, implementing and managing all aspects of homeland security and public-safety programs

4CI offers a complete range of security and safety solutions, technology systems, technology implementation and training programs that comply with international standards, state legislations, government requirements, corporate procedures, and private criteria

Avi Solomon

Cofounder and CEO

Mr. Solomon is a former senior officer of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) and a highly accomplished executive. He has extensive experience and know-how in Integrated Advanced and Smart Security-array Management systems in Israel and worldwide. Among others, his missions in the area of Security in the Protective Security Department (PSD) included Aviation-Security, Embassy-Security, VIP- Protection, Training and Formation of programs. Mr. Solomon is the core founder of 4CI Ltd and serves as the company’s CEO of marketing and business development director in a global work environment

Avi Iny


As an Electricity and Electronic Engineer who graduated from the TECHNION (the Israeli Institute of Technology), Mr. Iny became involved in innovative technology systems supporting the Israel national security network. During the last 30 years, Avi expanded his global activity and gained expertise in technology and market needs. As a result, Mr. Iny is identified as one of the top international experts in developing, designing, and implementing complex Home Land Security (HLS) projects around the globe

Offer Einav

VP of Aviation and HLS Strategies

Mr. Einav is a former Director of Security at El Al Israel Airlines and is widely regarded as one of ‎the foremost experts in the world in counter-terrorism, aviation, maritime and cargo ‎security, and comprehensive training programs. Mr. Einav has been at the cutting edge of intelligence, security practices, technology integration, and ‎training programs for more than 30 years.‎ Mr. Einav is a highly sought-after speaker and source on counter-terrorism, HLS and aviation security. He is often ‎quoted in the USA, Europe, and Israel by the media for his visionary, dynamic and “real world” approach

Mr. Efi Cohen

Mine Clearance Division Manager

Mr. Cohen maintains a leading role in managing tenders and projects for our mine division. Mr. Cohen has managed projects in “Neot Hakikar”, “Sapir” and “Ein Yahav” and is responsible for quality control, resampling for writing, and developing evacuation plans and measures in the field. His vast military expertise includes commanding operational combat units under complex stresses and sensitive situations

4CI’s integrated Security services

Our multilayered approach integrates human resources, advanced technologies, operational procedures and dedicated training into one harmonized, cost-effective security and safety system


4CI’s Comprehensive Security Approach

For more than twenty years, 4CI’s senior managers have been involved in the design, development and implementation of security methods, programs and solutions, both in Israel and throughout the world

4CI is a one-stop shop with an in-house approach to all three fundamental disciplines integrated into our solutions

4CI’s Holistic Security solution

  • Innovative Human Resource Management

  • State of the Art Technology and Engineering

  • Broad Security Consultancy

At 4CI, we understand that every security project is unique and requires exclusive tailor-made solutions to meet the client’s needs

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