We design, develop and implement security solutions in accordance with our client’s needs. Our security programs and solutions fully comply with international standards, state legislations, government requirements, corporate procedures, and private criteria

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The 4 Elements

in Every 4CI Solution

4CI’s security and safety consultancy is comprised of four elements that make up every security solution. These elements ensure our clients can protect, detect and prevent terror and criminal activities

Our senior managers have developed 4CI’s security capabilities after years of experience executing diversified security projects worldwide

  1. Human factors

    Human factors

  2. Technology


  3. Standard Operating Procedures

    Standard Operating Procedures

  4. Training


Effective Security Solutions, Guaranteed

We support our clients by designing, developing and implementing the most effective, efficient and cost-conscious security and safety solutions that guarantee:

  • Efficiency
  • Well-balanced security concepts
  • Avoidance of technology bias
  • Meeting client needs

Assessment and Risk Management

We are committed to the assessment and management of risks to ensure the security and safety of our client’s business activities and their customer environment while considering the following:

  • Clients and stakeholders
  • Business objectives
  • Quality of service
  • Image and reputation
  • Employees and those associated
  • Intellectual capital
  • Assets and intellectual property
  • Contractual and statutory obligations
  • Clients’ privacy and human rights

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